Fallen, Book One

Fallen, Book One

Luce Price has been sent to the Sword & Cross boarding school after a horrific accident involving her last boyfriend.Even though she can’t stand the new school with its no-cell-phone rule, creepy buildings, freaky students and ever-present security cameras, she finds that she can’t stay away from Daniel Grigori, the mysterious boy who goes out of his way to avoid her at all times.He feels so familiar to Luce that she determines to find out what secret he is so desperately hiding.Will his secret allow them to be together, or will it end up killing her?  452 pages  Ages 14 and up for violence  (Passionate kissing no sex)


Recommended by Brandy S. Huffman, Librarian


Meds, beds, and reds.  If Luce can remember those three things, she should fit right in here at the Sword and Cross boarding school.  It's always hard to change high schools but in this case Luce is feeling pretty lost.  She got kicked out of her old school, the one where she had a 4.0 grade average and a great reputation, because her friend, a boy, died in suspicious circumstances.  Luce was with him but she can't remember what happened.  Now she has the stirrings of the fear that she can't trust herself.

This new school is different.  Everyone there has been "sent there" for a good reason.  So, who can she trust?  Then, she spots him.   A boy she feels she has known somewhere before, but where?  He flips her the bird at first sight but then starts sending her mixed messages.  For Luce the magnetic pull to this guy, Daniel, is stronger than any feelings she's had for any other guy.  But, what about the charming and handsome Cam who brings her gifts and sends her notes?  

While Luce is finding her way with the two guys, the strange, dark shadows that haunt her have returned and she's beginning to see them ominously over the heads of the kids around her.  Is she safe? Is something dangerous seeping into the hallways of Sword & Cross?  

The sexual tension builds slowly in this one and the tug of war over Luce between Cam and Daniel is threatening and disturbing.  Something powerful is definitely at work here and Luce has no idea what part she can play.    

Some violence, some passion, no sex.   Ages 14 and up  452 pages  (Three more books follow in the series)

Recommended by:  Barb

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(Updated: March 10, 2012)
i loved this book!!!!

From: Presley
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