Fake Mustache

Fake Mustache

Groucho Marx would be proud.

It all starts when Casper gets $400.00 for his birthday and goes shopping to buy something unnecessary. His pal, Lenny, comes along and all he wants is a sticky hand- one he can use to pick up pennies from the floor.

In a matter of 24 hours Casper has purchased a suit - a first class man about town suit and, most importantly, a mustache, a Heidelberg Handlebar #7 to be exact. Billions of dollars start disappearing from local banks and businesses and Casper starts carrying ten thousand dollar bills in his backpack. What has the mustache done to Casper? Where will Casper draw the line?

Can anyone stop him? Is brainwashing the governor going to be enough for his newly minted ambitions or does he have his eye on the presidency? Can Jodie O'Rodeo, preteen cowgirl queen, ride to the rescue?

I think somewhere Hopalong Cassidy is yelling yippee-I-O-KI-YAY! Hilarious, truly rollicking, non-stop action and hilarity. Ages 8-12

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