Fairy Tale Cake

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How exciting! It's your birthday and your slice of cake is on its way! Over the bridge and down the hill. But wait a minute. Look at those pictures. Did Mom bake that cake or did someone else do it? Is that Little Bo-peep?

And, hey, there's Humpty Dumpty. As the slice of cake makes its way to the party,  it travels through fairy tale and nursery rhyme land. Who can you find?

32 pages     978-0439683296     Ages 3-5

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


"Where does a birthday cake really come from? It comes from a fairytale place! And everybody has a hand in making, baking and sending it on its way from the King and Queen of Hearts to Humpty Dumpty and the little Gingerbread Man! The Fairytale Cake combines a sweet and light-hearted storyline with hundreds and thousands of colourful touches. See how many favourite characters you can spot along the way!"--from the publisher


"Maybe it wasn't your mom who baked your amazing birthday cake after all. Maybe it was created by a delicious cast of characters from your favorite nursery rhymes!

"We make a cake / We bake a cake / And send it on its way!" Beloved characters from classic nursery rhymes --- everyone from Humpty Dumpty to Little Bo Peep to Old King Cole --- collaborate to bake the most perfect, towering, delicious cake . . . and roll it along to its special recipient --- the birthday boy or girl! Mark Sperring's spare but sweet text combined with Jonathan Langley's bright, timeless artwork make for a fun, read-aloud book that allows readers to pick out their favorite nursery rhyme characters in the illustrations. Ideal for birthdays . . . or any occasion!"--from the publisher

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