Fabulous Feud of Gilbert and Sullivan

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Fabulous Feud of Gilbert and Sullivan

Back in Old Victorian England there was the team of Gilbert and Sullivan and they created wonderful operas together. These operas brought a bit of light and fun into the somewhat dark and dismal lives of the times. Mr. Gilbert wrote the stories-or as Mr. Sullivan saw it, the story. It seemed Mr. Sullivan was getting tired of writing music for the same story over and over again. He wanted something beyond writing a story for an opera just set in a different place-"on a boat, in Italy, in a castle, and yet....always the same story." So, Mr. Sullivan got mad at Mr. Gilbert and told him he wouldn't write any more music for him. It's hard when friends come upon a problem that keeps them from sharing their friendship and that's just what happened to these two talented gentlemen. This is a problem that need to be solved. But how? What follows is a delightfully humorous story of how The Mikado was created. As always, enjoy the creativity and the brilliance of Richard Egielski. At one point he has us looking at the opera through opera glasses. He takes you right into the theater with Gilbert and Sullivan. Enjoy!

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