Fablehaven, Book 5: Keys to the Demon Prison

Fablehaven, Book 5:  Keys to the Demon Prison

Since finding out the truth about their grandparents secrets lives, Seth and Kendra Sorenson have met many new friends and enemies. The Sphinx believes his intensions are noble. He has already collected three of the five artifacts and Scott and Marla Sorenson - Seth and Kendra’s parents. The Sphinx has taken Scott and Marla to an unknown location. The Knight of the Dawn must find out where Scott and Marla are hidden, retrieve the artifacts, and keep The Sphinx from collecting anymore artifacts. Before the next mission, Seth is summoned by Graulus and promises to ease his suffering with the Sands of Sanctity if he can manage to steal it from the Sphinx. The plan goes terribly wrong and Seth ends up captured as well. Seth meets some very interesting fellow prisoners including someone with an unbelievable secret.


Back at Fablehaven, Vanessa has been imprisoned since she was uncovered as a spy for The Sphinx. She says her allegiance has changed and can offer them a great piece of information if only they release her from the prison. She has certainly been a great source of information in the past. Can she be trusted? Perhaps the answer lies with a friend from the past.


It’s a race to stop the opening of Zzyxx where allies come from the least expected places and life long friendships are forged. 544 pages

Contributed by Jessica Sowder, Librarian

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