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  • Fablehaven, Book 3: Grip of the Shadow Plague

Fablehaven, Book 3: Grip of the Shadow Plague

Fablehaven, Book 3:  Grip of the Shadow Plague

Last summer Kendra and Seth Sorenson discovered their estranged grandparents were actually caretakers of a magical preserve called Fablehaven. Earlier in the summer, the Sorenson’s and their allies fought Olloch the Glutton, and secured the first of the four artifacts hidden at the secret preserves around the world. Each of the artifacts combines to become a “talisman of great power” and the keys to Zzyxx -the demon prison. If these keys fall into the wrong hands, the demon prison will be opened and the trapped demons set free. The second summer at Fablehaven continues as the Sorenson try to squelch the plans of The Society of the Evening Star and keep those keys safe. Kendra is invited to join the Knights of the Dawn the secret organization created to counter The Society of the Evening Star. Seth is incredibly jealous that he hasn’t been invited as well. Nevertheless Kendra travels with some companions to the Knights of the Dawn meeting to be inducted. Kendra and two other knights are inducted at the meeting. She is immediately attracted to Gavin a stuttering dragon tamer just a year older. Kendra learns that she, Gavin, and Warren will travel to another secret preserve called Lost Mesa to try and secure the magical artifact hidden there. Lost Mesa has many interesting creatures including zombies that need to be fed often so they don’t escape their crypt and a museum unlike any Kendra has ever seen. There doesn’t seem to be any way into the temple where the artifact is hidden, but Kendra’s fairy vision is the key to finding the way.

Meanwhile something strange is happening at Fablehaven. Creatures and even humans are turning “dark”. First it’s simply the nipsies and fairies affected, but soon satyrs and even humans are turned. One by one Seth and Kendra’s loved ones are turned to shadows leaving only Seth and Kendra left. Maybe Seth’s new abilities like shadow walking, speaking dark languages, and immunization to magical fear will be the key to reversing the plague. It’s up to Kendra and Seth to find a solution before they are turned into shadows too. 479 pages

Contributed by Jessica Sowder, Librarian

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