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  • Fablehaven, Book 2: Rise of the Evening Star

Fablehaven, Book 2: Rise of the Evening Star

Fablehaven, Book 2:  Rise of the Evening Star

Last summer Kendra and Seth discovered their grandparents were actually caretakers of a magical preserve called Fablehaven. They had the adventure of a lifetime fighting Bahumat, Muriel, and even watching their grandma turn from a hen back to a human. When Kendra sought the help of the Fairy Queen to save Fablehaven and her family last summer, she was granted magical sight. She can now see magical beings and creatures without the aid of the milk. The adventure is not restricted to Fablehaven though. As a new boy joins Kendra’s class, the rest of the girls in the class can’t wait to get close to him, but Kendra sees him for what he really is, a Kobold. A man appears offering his services to get rid of the Kobold under the condition she and Seth help him with a mission. Kendra isn’t sure whether to trust this stranger, but isn’t able to get in touch with anyone at Fablehaven for information. When Grandpa does finally get in touch with Kendra and Seth, they are told he has been injured and someone is being sent to bring them to Fablehaven right away. The trip to Fablehaven is perilous in itself and Seth and Kendra wonder if they will even make it to Fablehaven alive. Various creature attacks along the way require some very tricky driving. At Fablehaven, preparations need to be made to protect the preserve and the magical item that resides somewhere on the property from Olloch the Glutton, recently awakened from his dormancy, and The Society of the Evening Star. Grandpa has three expert advisors working on securing the artifact and keeping the family safe. Seth and Kendra begin their training with these advisors right away. Their expertise will be indispensable in tackling the challenges ahead. The tactics change when however drumants are released from their cages during the night. Grandpa realizes someone is trying to sabotage the mission from inside, but who is the saboteur? It will take everyone working together to keep Fablehaven and the family safe from the spy within.Non-stop action/adventure and magical creatures abound. 456 pages

Contributed by Jessica Sowder, Librarian





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