Fablehaven, Book 1

Fablehaven, Book 1

Eleven-year-old Seth and and his thirteen-year -old sister, Kendra have been sent on a mandatory vacation to visit their estranged grandparents while their parents are away on a cruise. Shortly after arriving at their grandparents’ home, they discover that the place is not as boring as it seems. Their grandfather sternly warns them to stay in their room and enjoy the entertainment there. But Seth is not one to obey and they set out to explore and soon discover that there are many creatures that live at Fablehaven. We're not talking about the cow although the giant cow is pretty eye-popping. No, these creatures include fairies, witches, satyrs, and even a golem and the creatures are stirring. Some are friendly and some are dangerous. But on midsummer night's eve, everything changes and grandfather is missing. It’s up to Seth and Kendra to save him and to defend Fablehaven from the evil Society of the Evening Star.



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Amazing. Truly amazing. It keeps you guessing until the end. It has fantasy and adventure. The two things that I love.This book is about a boy and a girl named Kendra and Seth. They have to stay at their grandparent's house because their parents are on a 17 day cruise. When they figure out that their grandpa is the caretaker of a secret mythical creature preserve, they have many adventures. Read the book to find out what they are!
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