Escaping the Giant Wave

Escaping the Giant Wave

Thirteen-year-old Kyle Davidson's father is Salesman of the Year and the whole family gets to go on a dream vacation to the Oregon coast. They'll be staying in a luxury hotel and having the time of their lives. Only when they get to the hotel everything starts going downhill. The Frontier Lodge is still under construction and they're going to be staying at the Old Totem Pole Hotel across the street. But at least Kyle and his sister Bee Bee will be having pizza and milkshakes and watching a video while their parents head out for dinner aboard the Elegant Empress. Suddenly everything starts shaking. An earthquake has hit their hotel. Kyle leads his sister out and they find the hotel is on fire. Stumbling over a body in the smoke-filled hallway, they realize it's none other than Daren Hazelwood, chief bully and major enemy of Kyle. Kyle sees Daren is unconscious and carries him out saving his life. Once clear of the hotel, the kids have a big decision to make. Should they head down to the water to be away from fire possibilities or should they head uphill and inland to avoid a possible tsunami? Kyle and Beebee decide to run from a possible giant wave. Daren, true to his usual nature, makes fun of them. Who is going to be right? The people who are celebrating on the beach or the ones who have decided to make the difficult hike inland? 151 pages



Kyle and his family live in Kansas and they have just won the vacation of a lifetime to the Oregon coast to stay in a luxury hotel. When they get there Kyle realizes three things, first, the hotel is not finished so they have to stay in a rundown old historic hotel. Second, the school bully, Daren also happens to be vacationing at the same beach is staying just three doors down from Kyle and his family. Third, Kyle and his family are walking on the beach and they see a sign for “Tsunami Warnings.”


While Kyle's parents are out, Kyle and his sister, Beebee are having dinner in the hotel room and an earthquake strikes. They start to panic and smell smoke because the hotel is on fire! As they venture out of their room they see Daren passed out in the hall and Kyle and Beebee drag him out of the hotel and save his life.


Kyle, Beebee and Daren start to head down to the beach but what they do not know is that the earthquake was just the first test of their self-reliance, bravery and teamwork. Will a tsunami strike, and if so will they be able to Escape the Giant Wave?


Contributed by April Phillips, Children's Information Specialist and Instructor, Howard County Central Library



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mooooo-moooooo! kyle and family live in Kansas but take a not so fun vacation to ! when the parents leave beebee and kyle in a old hotel ( they were supposed to be in luxury hotel but things change) while mom and dad are on a cruise at the ocean something strikes. the ground starts to shake. Fire strikes- they have to get out the multiple story building before it collapses on them. but then something even worse happens. TSUNAMI.
-EMMA Oregon USA
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