Erec Rex, Book 1: The Dragon's Eye

Erec Rex, Book 1: The Dragon's Eye

Twelve-year old Erec lives a depressing and difficult life with his adoptive mother and five brothers and sisters in a tiny apartment. In another community a girl named Bethany is being oppressed by her uncle. Both Erec and Bethany's lives are about to change when they find themselves entering an unknown world below the Upper Earth that we inhabit. In this new world the old order is about to change. The three rulers of the three kingdoms are aging and tiring of their roles and are ready to pass the scepter to new leaders. But who will those new rulers be? A contest is at hand and Bethany and Erec will play a major role in the adventure and intrigue. Erec also learns that his mother is in prison. How can he save her and why has she been brought to this world in the first place? Though strains of Harry Potter can be heard wafting in and out of the storyline, this book is written for younger readers and includes endearing characters and a playful sort of magic.

The Erec Rex series is very loosely based on the twelve labors of Hercules, but instead of gods being in charge of the sky, oceans and underworld, triplets: 2 kings and a queen who can use magic are the rulers. Anyone familiar with Greek mythology will recognize monsters like the Minotaur, but the main characters are children from our world who react as we would to the shock of finding out there is a whole magical world existing within Earth. Anyone who enjoyed the humor of the Percy Jackson series should also like this series, which Kaza Kingsley has said will contain eight books in total. The fourth book was published in August 2010.

Recommended by Barbara Gogan, Librarian.


This series centers around a strange young orphan boy who discovers he is linked to a mystical world of magic below the earth. He encounters a castle lying on its side, a strange dragon-eye that seems attached to him, and a trio of unlikely friends. It's fun and engaging bringing in various mythologies as well as magical creatures and a little bit of modern technology as well.

368 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1416979333

Recommended by:  Emma S. McDonald, Inspring Teachers, Texas, USA

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