Enola Holmes Mystery: Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan

Enola Holmes Mystery:  Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan

The wits of the amazing Enola Holmes are challenged again.  After her mother runs off to join the gypsies, fourteen year old Enola has been raised to be a self-reliant, independent young lady.  Her older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, want to put her in a finishing school for young ladies, but Enola prefers solving mysteries with her own genius.

In this case Enola has run into her friend, Lady Cecily who seems to be behaving strangely.  Using her pink fan, Cecily is trying to communicate to Enola through the secret language of the fan.  Kidnapped?  Forced into marriage?  

While on the case, Enola finds herself running into her brother, Sherlock, all over town.  Can she keep her independence and figure out what is happening to Cecily?  

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