Rory has fallen in love with Tristan Parrish. She is more than happy to spend “forever” with him and help usher souls into their next lives. But then she finds out Tristan is the one ushering good souls to the Shadowlands. Not just any souls but her father and sister.

All Rory wants to do is bring her family back. Even if it means going to the Shadowlands herself to do it. Then the ferry that brings souls to the island is wrecked and they are stranded. All of the good coins are used up so they cannot usher any one over. Instead of ushering the evil souls over quickly they are all stuck on the island.

Nature was always perfect on the island but now storms, weeds and the death of nature are everywhere. Then the storms seem to be receding and a few good coins are found. They can usher souls over once again. Just when things start to be looking up everything explodes. People who were not supposed to ever die are dying. They are getting hurt which never happened before. But this is not normal death and injuries. They were murdered and hurt on purpose. When Rory finds out how to enter the Shadowlands she has to decide whether she is willing to risk her life to her save her family.

324 pages.       9781423164852          Ages 13 and up

Recommended by Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Aberdeen, Idaho USA

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