The Elders always did what was best for the group, right? No one questions them, knowing that the Enclave’s residents very existence is owed to the Elder’s management. But why do they not tolerate differences? Why do they ignore the warning signs of danger from the Freaks, who are becoming more organized? The Freaks could bring about the death of everyone and Deuce has first hand experience of their ferocity.

The Enclave has carved out a generational existence in the tunnels, surviving by living in groups: breeders, hunters, builders, leaders. With a life span of about 25 years, it is the only life Deuce knows. She wants nothing more than to be a hunter for the Enclave, scouring the tunnels for food while eluding, or killing, the Freaks that seek out human flesh. Yet when she finds that the Freaks are becoming smarter and more organized, her warnings fall on deaf ears. She begins to question everything that she has known and ultimately is exiled with Fade, her partner. With Fade at her side, they emerge from the tunnels and Deuce is faced with seeing the sun for the first time, the feel of rain on her face, and the cold touch of snow. Yet Topside has its own dangers of gangs and Freaks that Deuce and Fade must combat as they head north where there is hope for a safe existence. But is it possible? Will they ever truly be safe?

This Dystopian novel is strongly crafted, guaranteed to capture the reader with the story of a strong girl who survives through her wits and strengths. While there is a building of romantic tension between Deuce and Fade, this novel does not rely on sex or profanity to attract a reader. Rather, the superb writing and fascinating story line will hook both girls and boys as they eagerly hope for a second book.

Reviewed by Christine J. Rayl, MLA, MLS,Texas


Deuce’s enclave was forced to move underground after the world was attacked by disease many years ago.  In her enclave, everyone is known as a brat, until their fifteenth birthday, when they are given a name to recognize their survival in their brutal world populated by monsters known as Freaks.  In addition to the privilege of a name, each fifteen year old is assigned a job serving the enclave as builder, breeder, or hunter.Deuce has long desired and trained to be a hunter, so when she gets assigned the loner Fade as her hunting partner, she is less than thrilled.  While Deuce respects the rules given to her by the elders of her community, Fade seems to live by his own code.

However, as Deuce and Fade begin to go on hunting assignments together, Deuce begins to open her eyes to the world outside her enclave. Enclave is an action-packed story that shares similarities with other dystopians such as The Hunger Games, The City of Ember, and The Giver.

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, Librarian, New Jersey


This is the story of Deuce's journey as she searches for a safe place where she can stop running from the Freaks and the intrigue and where she can find her true self.  Is she a Huntress at heart or does she secretly hold the feelings of a Breeder?  She literally makes her way to the light as she and her partner Fade discover the truth about the danger posed by the vicious, human devouring Freaks.  This is an action-packed story and it is a very violent story with an ever present danger that is vividly described.  The violence permeates the action and creates a heavy, frightening atmosphere for Deuce, Fade and the reader.  

Ages 14 and up  259 pages  978-0312650087

Editor's Note:  TRAPPED by Marc Aronson is a non-fiction title that pairs well with this book....suggested by Naomi Bates.

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