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  • Empower the Future Book 3 This Book Is Feminist An Intersectional Primer for Next-Gen Changemakers

Empower the Future Book 3 This Book Is Feminist An Intersectional Primer for Next-Gen Changemakers

empower the future this book is feminist

A vibrantly illustrated introduction to intersectional feminism for next-generation changemakers, this book is a must-read guide for young people seeking to understand the world around them. 

"Wilson’s optimistic view of feminism is based on the tenet of liberation for all, placing marginalized communities front and center... [A] foundational work." NEW YORK TIMES

What have you been taught about who has power and who makes the rules? Have you ever been lost for words at an old-school family friend’s ‘kind’ but sexist comments? Do you agree with equality and strive for justice, but want to learn more? Then read on.

In this new feminist classic, the focus is intersectional from the beginning, not just as an add-on. Using the framework of ‘personal is political’, Jamia Wilson – former director of the Feminist Press – analyses her own experiences, before expanding outwards and drawing on stats as well as quotes from feminist firebrands and activists to inspire and encourage.

Bold illustrations underpin this title, and each chapter ends with a ‘Call To Action’ box to encourage readers to reflect on and embrace their own interpretation of feminism and to acknowledge the connection between race, class, gender, disability and economic justice.

Expand what feminism means to you, your community and society by examining these 15 themes:

  • Feminism
  • Identity
  • Justice
  • Education
  • Money
  • Power
  • Health
  • wellness
  • freedom
  • relationships
  • media
  • safety
  • activism and movements
  • innovation
  • An interactive exploration of what feminism means to you.

You will close the book with an understanding that history and culture play a role in shaping systems of power and of what we can do with our strengths, community and values to help change course when needed. You won’t have read a feminist tome like this before.

Also available in the Empower the Future series is This Book is Anti-Racist,a powerful guide to how to incorporate anti-racist action into your lifeOther inspiring books authored by Jamia Wilson are Young Gifted and BlackStep Into Your Power and Big Ideas for Young Thinkers.---from the publisher

160 pages                                  978-0711256415                               Ages 11-15

Keywords:  feminism, girls and women, values, social issues, information, social activism, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old, 14 year old, 15 year old, power, finding your voice, social justice, politics, empowerment, African American, LGBTQ

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