Empire of Night, Vampirates, Book 5

Empire of  Night, Vampirates, Book 5

Connor and Grace Tempest have just learned that they are half-vampires and that Sidorio is their real father. Sidorio and Lola want Grace and Connor to live with them on their ships so they can be a real family and so they can encourage Connor and Grace’s thirst for blood. Hopefully this will build their desire to be evil so they will want to be on Sidorio’s side of the war.

Connor and Grace both go to live with Sidorio and Lola but not as family members but as spies so they can send back information to the pirates that will aide them in winning the war. While living with Sidorio and Lola their bodies are changing and they can see more and more vampire traits emerge. Grace really struggles with her blood cravings and does things that even she cannot imagine herself doing. Both Connor and Grace find themselves melding into the lifestyles their parents lead making them question if staying with their parents isn’t really where they belong.

As the war and battles become even more intense Grace and Connor find themselves not knowing who they can trust especially now that no ships are deemed safe anymore. Are they better off living with Sidorio and Lola are living with the pirates? Will the pirates want them in their midst since they are half vampire?

Connor and Grace are growing up and changing leaving them unsure where they really belong.

Ages 11 and up   490 p. B0062GJN8G  

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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