Emily Windsnap, Book 1: The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Emily Windsnap, Book 1:  The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Emily is twelve and lives with her mother on a houseboat. Even though the water has always been part of their lives, Emily's mother has never let her learn how to swim. This year, however, swimming is a class Emily must enroll in at school. When she hits the water, something changes. The second time she hits the water, something is revealed. That something changes her life and sends her on a quest. This book is part of a series.

And from April Phillips, Children's Instructor and Information Specialist, Howard County Central Library

Emily lives with her mom on a boat named “King.” Emily's father left when she was just a baby. When Emily wants to learn how to swim she is repeatedly told “No.” Emily finds it strange because she lives on a boat and is surrounded by water. Seventh grade approaches and Emily asks again and this time she is told, Yes.” On the first day of swimming class she puts on her new swim suit and eases into the shallow end of the pool. Something weird starts to happen to her legs, they merge together and become a fish tail. Emily quickly jumps out of the water and everything is back to normal again.

The next day the same thing happens again and this time she is no longer scared. This time Emily takes to the water like she has been swimming all of her life. Emily realizes now that she is a little different from other girls her age, she is a MERMAID! 224 pages Ages 8-12

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