Liz was killed when a taxi cab ran into her. She was only fifteen and on her way to the Mall to help her friend find a dress for the prom.  Now she's dead and she's waking up in a strange place known as Elsewhere. This is the next place for the soul after life on Earth and here you live your life backwards beginning from the age you were at time of death. So, Liz is fifteen going on zero. In an odd twist she finds her grandmother as she arrives and the two have a chance to get to know each other at long last.

But, Liz isn't happy here. She talks her grandmother into giving her enough money to go to the Observation posts where she can buy time to look back at her loved ones on Earth. She can watch the friends and family come to her funeral.

In Elsewhere everyone has an assigned task. Liz works with animals at a shelter matching the animals to new owners. But she struggles constantly with her wish to return to her life. There is so much she did not appreciate and so much she didn't get to do in her short years.

Other characters emerge and weave in and out of her days. There is the rock star who doesn't want to sing any more. There's the man, Owen, who watches his wife brush her hair every evening. Is it possible to live another life in death? Is it possible to move forward and let go all the while getting younger and younger and heading back to Earth for another life? A story of grief, death and seeing the possibilities of wherever you are in time.

288 pages Ages 12 and up (Barb)

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Imagine what the world would be like if people were able to do what they loved the most? The lucky among us have Elsewhere-like "avocations" that are synonymous with our vocations. Elsewhere is a wonderful book about making every minute of your life - or death - count.
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