Elephant vs. Rhinoceros (Animals Head to Head)


Elephants and rhinos are herbivores which means they only eat plants.  But if they met in battle who would win?  Who has the bigger brain?  Who is stronger?  Who is faster? Who has the most endurance?  Did you know elephants have receptors in their trunks and in their feet so they can "detect vibrations in the ground?"  How about those huge rhino nostrils? What power do they give a rhino?  Do you know elephant's secret weapon?

This book matches up the powers and strengths of both beautiful animals and tallies up the points to see who the winner would be!

Take a look at the map of Africa and notice how much land the elephants live in and how much land the rhinos live in.  Looks like we might need to do something about that!

32 pages   978-1410924001          Ages 7-11

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


This book pits enormous elephants against mighty rhinos, awarding points for survival skills such as strength, size, intelligence and defensive ability. At the end of the book, the points are added up to discover the overall winner.--from the publisher

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