"I'm dying Cuz."  " A man named Abe Allerton murdered me."  "Don't let Abe hurt my family."

Elatsoe wakes up.  Was it a dream or was it something more?

He's dead.  Elatsoe's cousin Trevor is gone leaving behind his wife and baby Gregory.  It was a car accident only Trevor would never have been driving down that road.  This wasn't an accident - this was murder and Elatsoe and her parents are going to find out exactly what the truth is.

But this isn't an ordinary family.  They are Lipan Apache and they hold powers that come from generations of family.  Elatsoe can awaken the dead.

Elatsoe and her mother hold deep connections to other worlds and they can harness incredible power.  The legends of the Lipan Apache echo through this story and create a deep sense of respect for their culture, their traditions and their wisdom.

But when the family gets to Texas for Trevor's burial they discover that the murderer is a very affluent, highly respected and valued doctor.    Abe Allerton is a pillar in the community.  It's going to be tough to find anyone to talk badly about him or to believe he might have killed someone.

This story walks two paths.  As Elatsoe and her good friend, Jay, decide to take a few risks and dig deep into the Allerton family background, they find themselves facing an evil and powerful enemy.  The underground world of the dead releases its vampires and angry souls.  Will Elatsoe have enough knowledge to defeat them before they destroy her?

Loved the power the women held and loved the immediate respect you felt for them and their culture.  So important.

Tense. Powerful.  Gorgeous walk into a world where life is more than what walks the Earth.  Makes the reader want to know more.  I could easily see a sequel to this story - who is Jay and what powers does he hold?

368 pages                                    978-1646140053                            Ages 13 and up

Keywords:  fantasy, speculative fiction, paranormal, supernatural, special gifts, teens, Native American, accident, 13 year old, 14 year old, 15 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


Imagine an America very similar to our own. It's got homework, best friends, and pistachio ice cream.

There are some differences. This America been shaped dramatically by the magic, monsters, knowledge, and legends of its peoples, those Indigenous and those not. Some of these forces are charmingly everyday, like the ability to make an orb of light appear or travel across the world through rings of fungi. But other forces are less charming and should never see the light of day.

Elatsoe lives in this slightly stranger America. She can raise the ghosts of dead animals, a skill passed down through generations of her Lipan Apache family. Her beloved cousin has just been murdered, in a town that wants no prying eyes. But she is going to do more than pry. The picture-perfect facade of Willowbee masks gruesome secrets, and she will rely on her wits, skills, and friends to tear off the mask and protect her family.

Darcie Little Badger is an extraordinary debut talent in the world of speculative fiction. We have paired her with her artistic match, illustrator Rovina Cai. This is a book singular in feeling and beauty.---from the publisher

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