Eek and Ack: Eek & Ack vs the Wolfman

Eek and Ack:  Eek & Ack vs the Wolfman

Under cover of a blazing meteor shower, Eek and Ack sneak onto Earth dressed in costumes and determined to discover why Earth is so hard to conquer. By chance they have arrived on Halloween and they watch the Earthlings as they approach a home and offer the secret code: Trick or Treat. Eek and Ack decide to try this out and see if they will be given a secret weapon in return. Suddenly, out of the darkness, comes a howl. "DId you phoot?" Eek asks Ack. (or maybe Ack asks Eek, I'm never sure) It's Wolfman and the two young aliens run as fast as they can back to the spaceship. Take bathroom humor, underwear and a bit of a set-to between Wolfman and the aliens and you have enough humor, action and goofiness to satisfy the young reader in search of some intensity. Ages 6-10 40 pages

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