Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere

Becca King is running for her life to Whidbey Island, Washington. Her mother has coached her on her new name and her newly minted Aunt Carol who has agreed to take Becca in until her mother can come for her. If her twisted stepfather figures out where she is, Becca's lifeline will run out. He wants her dead because she knows what he did... she knows about the murder he committed.

So, Becca memorizes the her new mother-made identity and takes the ferry to Whidbey Island leaving her aching mom behind. As she exits the ferry, she looks around for any sign of her Aunt Carol who should be coming to gather her up. But Aunt Carol doesn't show and that's because she's just died of a heart attack.

Now, Becca is alone on the island with a cell phone that is out of service and no idea just how far her stepfather has gotten following the trail of used cars mother and daughter have left behind them as they ran.

Becca is no ordinary teenager though. She wears a device called an AUD Box to drown out the thoughts of people around her. She has a special gift and that gift takes a toll on her when she begins to drown in the buzz.

This book throws you into the tension and suspense instantly and keeps the line taut for 440 pages. Who can Becca trust? Is her stepfather waiting just around the next corner? What is the story of Derrick, the adopted boy from Uganda? Can Becca find a real sanctuary here or is there a whole new layer of danger lurking in this unknown world?

The story begins with a darkness that feels overpowering and then moves to the new setting on the island where characters begin to pop up loaded with question marks. There's a hint of romance, a boatload of suspense and a little touch of terror all stirred around with another woman with psychic gifts and a dangerous fall from a cliff. The reader is enticed by the romance and the possibility of Becca finding safety and herself and the reader is hypnotized by the tension and suspense that threaten with something unbearable at the turn of a page. For readers who seek a suspense/thriller, this will satisfy.

Ages 14 and up         440 pages               978-0670012961

Recommended by:  Barb

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