Eden West


When you grow up being told The Truth, would you ever question it or test it?  Jacob is a teen ager now but he has been living in The Grace, a twelve square mile compound in the wilds of Montana,  since he was five years old.  Everyone inside The Grace knows that they are the chosen ones who will be returned to Heaven on an ark to be sent by a prophet.  This is The Truth that they all trust and follow.

But Jacob is getting older now and he is beginning to meet other people who are coming from the outside to join this religious community.  These outsiders don't believe as Jacob and the others believe.  One boy, Tobias, does not accept what he is being told.  He and his family traveled from Colorado to escape the wicked outside.  But, Tobias is asking questions and challenging what he is being told.

Jacob has grown up serving the Archangel Zerachiel and feeling a part of the cult.  His chores lead him to meet a girl, Lynna, who lives on a nearby ranch.  She introduces Jacob to some of the  temptations of the outside world.

What has seemed to be true and right and from their religious beliefs suddenly faces the adversity of disease, suicide, bitter weather and economic obstacles.  With all of these challenges facing them how will the cult choose to survive?  Will this be a crisis of faith?  What will Jacob decide for himself?

310 pages  978-0763674182  Ages 15 and up

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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