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From the creator of Goodnight Goon, a laugh-out-loud friendship story that perfectly captures the high and low moments of a typical playdate!

Pete couldn't be more thrilled when a monster shows up in his bedroom. Now Pete has someone to play with! And the hungry monster couldn't be more thrilled to be there, either. Now he can . . . EAT PETE!

But Pete has other ideas. And they are all good fun and quite distracting--things like playing cars and pirates. Well, we all know the course of playing together nicely never did run smoothly. So how much longer will the monster have to wait before he can . . . EAT PETE?--from the publisher

32 pages          978-1524738808             Ages 2-5


If it has Adam Rex's name on it, it's going to be spectacular.  This is the boy who probably heard his parents read the iconic, beloved Goodnight Moon for three nights during his childhood and decided early on he would someday get revenge by writing Goodnight Goon.  Yeah..he's that guy.  The one that makes parents feel they aren't doing a good job because their child doesn't want to sit and listen to the hallowed narratives..he would rather use the book to build an epic fort and stay up to midnight.

So...his brain has tracked on into some form of adulthood and he has crafted another book he would rather have heard his parents read back in his days of footie pajamas.  This time his main characters are having the ubiquitous playdate but he has conjured a twist...the almighty, must-have twist....he has made one player a regular guy by the name of Pete and the other a regular monster.  The monster has come to play all right.. but his idea of a big finish is to round out the good times with a tasty treat....Pete.

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