Duckling Gets a Cookie

Duckling Gets a Cookie

The Pigeon becomes very angry when The Duckling asks for (and receives) a cookie with nuts. The Pigeon rants and raves about the many things it has asked for over the years and didn't receive, ignoring the whole time the fact that it never asked nicely while Duckling stands by quietly. Finally, The Duckling reveals it only asked for the cookie to give it to The Pigeon, bringing about a quick end to The Pigeon's complaining and instilling an important lesson about manners.  40 pages  Ages 3-7  


Recommended by Lisa Romans, Librarian, Georgia USA

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This book is about a pigeon and a duckling that gets a cookie. My favorite part is when the pigeon says, “NO!” so loud that the duckling and the cookie flew. It is funny the way pigeon talks when he says everything he wants. I recommend this book to kids who like Mo Willem books.

Eduard T. Mrs. Gutberlet’s First Grade Class, StateRoad Elementary, Webster, NY
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