Between working in her mom's (Tarot) shop and trying to graduate before her nine-year-old genius brother beats her to it, Vivian Night Hawk has only one escape from her tiny New Mexico town: the ability to control her dreams, a gift she inherited from her Apache father. But lately that control is slipping, stranding her in a nightmare that seems to follow her even when she's awake.

When she finds a jacket she suspects belonged to her dead father, Vivi steps beyond her usual lucid dreaming and discovers the electrifying secret of Dreamwalking—the power to control the dreams of others. But with it comes a deadly menace: a top-secret CIA plot that threatens her brother, Brian.

Sought out by fellow-dreamwalker Lucas, who is convinced their fathers are still alive, Vivi ventures deep into Dreamland to find a way to protect Brian. As the bond between Vivi and Lucas ignites, the conspiracy linking them together closes in, and Vivi must unlock the darkest power of all–a power that begins with her father's quiet words: Walk with me.---from the publisher

355 pages : 9781946802606 Ages 13 and up

Keywords: magical realism, supernatural, government, secrets, Native American, CIA, 13 year old, 14 year old, 15 year old, romance **********************

Mystical, magical, powerful and ethereal, Dreamwalkers is a compelling tale of desert magic, dangerous government secrets, the all-in chemistry of first love and the power to control the world of dreams set in an enchanted land where rugged, often unforgivable, terrain hides danger and government secrets are safe.

Sixteen year old Vivan Night Hawk is working in her mother’s crystal and tarot shop in the tourist-friendly square of tiny Zia, New Mexico. After a worn leather jacket arrives in the shop, Vivi claims it as her own because it reminds her of her father. One lone feather in the pocket holds a special magic. Vivi begins dreaming more detailed and vivid lucid dreams. Vivi learns her power to dream is handed down from her Apache father. She practices controlling her dreams, stepping in and out of them, and seeing her (dead?) father who warns her that her genius little brother Brian is in danger. Dad tells her bad people are coming for Brian because they believe he is the dreamwalker, not VIvi. Vivi meets cute guy Lucas who also shares the power of lucid dreaming. He tells Vivi both of their fathers are MIA or presumed dead. Lucas convinces Vivi that their fathers are alive, and using their powers of lucid dreaming, they have to find out what happened to them. The closer the two get to answers, the more danger they are in. It is not only bad people trying to control them. A decades old secret government project surfaces, and the kids are in a fight for their lives.

Dreamwalkers is set in a color drenched, panoramic tourist town in the mountains of New Mexico, and brought to life with lush details: the scent of sage, mesquite, pinon, and cottonwoods.The author captures the beauty of mountain sunsets and the threatening power of a desert thunderstorm. Dreamwalkers captivates readers with enchanting imagery and the slippery magic of New Mexico as the author uses broad brushstrokes of prose and descriptive hues evocative of master painter (and New Mexico favorite) Georgia O’Keefe.

Highly, highly recommended for fans of romance, YA fans, and any reader who loves an evil and corrupt government cover-up and a great story. For middle school and older. No sexual content. A few sweet kisses.

Recommended by:  Thompson McLeod (Pamela), Blogger, Florida USA

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