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Wilde Island has lost its king. The village is in an uproar without the proper guidance from King Kadmi. The agreement between the fairies, humans, and dragons is weakening without his authority. Even worse, the island’s royal treasure has been stolen and the prince and his army are out searching for the thieves. With the Island in such a tumultuous state, the prince’s brother must step in and take the throne. Before this can happen, however, the island must rid the village of Satan’s spawn, the witches that have supposedly taken up residence on the island. The villagers are eager to make false accusations, frantic to please the bloodthirsty Lady Adela. Tess, the 16 year old blacksmith’s daughter finds herself falsely accused of witchery and must make a fast escape. Even though she has ‘fire-sight”, visions she gets when looking deep into a blazing fire, she does not consider herself to be one of the hunted. She constantly has visions of a man wielding a sword and is determined to find the reason for such a peculiar apparition. What’s even worse is that when she finally does meet him, the attraction she feels is unsettling at best. What Tess finds along her journey will surprise and intrigue readers. This is a very adventurous, romantic tale that teens will enjoy.  416 pages  Ages  12 and up

Recommended by Trish Grady, K-8 Teacher-Librarian, Indiana, USA

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