Dragons Beware!


Fiery redheaded warrior Claudette and her faithful sidekicks are back! In another cheeky tale of bravery and friendship, the kids find themselves on a quest to save their town from evil sorcerer Grombach and his flying gargoyle army. Claudette is sure that the key to success lies in the belly of a beast—the dragon who ate her father’s magical sword many years ago (and a few of his limbs as well). If her own warrior father couldn’t defeat the dragon, though, how can a little girl hope to emerge victorious? With help from her sensitive baker brother Gaston, primping princess-in-training Marie, and adorable pug Valiant, she just might have the perfect team to accomplish the mission. Middle and older readers will love this book, especially those who are already familiar with Claudette’s exploits from the equally delightful Giants Beware! The three heroes all have different strengths and character traits, and all are equally important in the course of their quest. Dragons Beware! has enough action to keep reluctant readers engaged, and the illustrations are full of life and color. Lots of girl-power fun! 160 pages, ISBN:9781596438781, Ages 8-10 11-13, Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland, USA.

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