Dragon Slippers

Dragon Slippers

Things are looking down for Creel, when her aunt sends her up to the cave of a dragon to save the family fortunes. Things don't proceed as expected, however, because the dragon isn't interested in eating her, and she ends up setting out to make her own way in the world, wearing a very special pair of slippers. Imagine flying on the back of a dragon .... Imagine meeting a prince, who finds you a safe haven .... Imagine having a wondrous talent .... A wondrous tale with hints of Cinderella. Ages 9-13.

Dragon Flight follows and the third book in the trilogy is Dragon Spear.


A young girl is sacrificed to the local dragon by her aunt because they can no longer afford to keep her. Unfortunately, the dragon doesn't quite know what to do with her.  His collection specialty is shoes, not people, and is tired of being accosted by knights and others. The young girl helps him and in return he offers her a chance to choose a pair of shoes from his collection. She chooses and then sets off for the city to earn her way as a seamstress. Along the way she encounters more dragons and collects an interesting set of friends. The shoes, however, turn out to be more dangerous than anyone thought - to the dragons. The girl must work with her friends to help save the dragons. There are three books so far in this series.

352 pages

ISBN: 978-1599902753

Recommended by: Emma McDonald, Inspiring Teachers, Texas, USA

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