Dozer's Run: A True Story of A Dog and His Race


When an animal does something unique and unexpected and even superhuman, children take notice.  It seems they appreciate the supercanine at least as much as they admire a superhero.  

One summer day in Highland, Maryland, two dog friends, Dozer and Chica, were waking up to explore their yard together. A few good sniffs and they had caught the news of a squirrel, a fox, a toad, a raccoon...and so much more.  It was all so exciting.  

Then, the people started running by.  There were all those running shoes, red ones, blue ones, striped ones, and they were all pounding the pavement and racing past leaving Dozer and Chica behind.  Where were they going?  Why were they running and running so fast? Why were there so many of them? Did they have a leader?

Dozer had to find out and off he ran, and ran, and ran. In the end he had run at least a major portion of a half-marathon plus some because he did a little doubling back to visit runners who were still coming along behind him.   Imagine the energy in this goldendoodle.

At the end of the race Dozer saw runner after runner get a special medal and a big hooray.  Was there a medal for Dozer?  Did he know how to get home?  Was he lost?

This is a heartfelt story about one smiling, filled with the love of life goldendoodle named Dozer who really did run his race in Highland, Maryland.  It was actually the Maryland Half Marathon, a race to raise money for the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center.

Can a dog raise money?  He can when people find out he ran beyond anyone's normal expectations of a three year old dog.  Dozer has raised $25,000 which is twice as much as any other runner in the race.

What makes a dog run even when he's tired? What makes people decide to be generous?  These are great discussion questions for students of all ages and even for a family talk around the dinner table.  

Thank you Dozer.

PS The photo of the real dozer in the Author's Note is priceless.  He looks quite proud and very noble.

978-1585368969   32 pages  Ages  5-10

Recommended by:  Barb, 

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