Down the Colorado John Wesley Powell, the One-Armed Explorer

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Down the Colorado  John Wesley Powell, the One-Armed Explorer

John Wesley Powell, Wes, grew up as the son of a minister. He fled school at an early age because of bullying and ended up being tutored by a naturalist named George Crookham who believed nature should be studied through experience and observation. After losing his arm in the Civil War, Wes was haunted by his traumatic experiences. He turned to the study of and teaching about nature. Wes and his wife, Emma, led expeditions into the wilds of Colorado and eventually his heart urged him to explore the unknown, unexplored lands of the Colorado River. This is the story of his struggle and eventual triumph against impossible odds as he led the first scientific exploration of the wonder of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. A powerful story of overcoming challenges and a role model for our children.

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