Double Identity

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Double Identity

The car turns into the driveway of a house she does not know and suddenly Bethany finds herself abandoned with a grandmother she has never met before. Where are her parents going? Why have they left her here? Why are these people staring at her and why are these people following her? There is a mystery all around her and Bethany is afraid and alone. Ages 10 and up 190 pages

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I have read every single book by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and this book is still one of my absolute favorites, a reading stand-by that never gets old.
Bethany's parents put her in the car, drive for days, and won't answer any of her questions about what's going on. Her mother has been crying for no apparant reason for the past few months. She's frightened, and doesn't know what's going on with the parents who usually take such good care of their one and only darling. Then they drop her off at a house with a woman claiming to be her Aunt Myrlie, without saying when they'll be back. She must learn what is going on with her parents, and why everyone who sees her acts like she's supposed to be dead (note: not a living-dead book! Thought I should say that . . . ), and who is this Elizabeth she heard her father mention to Myrlie (i.e. "she doesn't know anything about Elizabeth")? Also, who is the man who seems to almost be stalking her, and what does he want with her parents? Bethany struggles to find answers, but the more she finds out the more she questions wether or not she really wants to get answers.
I've read this book at least five times, and I know the big ending. I still love to read it anyway. The characters are lovingly crafted and engaging, big questions are raised, and I just love the big advice theme in the novel - Don't ask why something happened, just ask what you're going to do next. I totally reccomend this to any and all who are considering it, I think it might technically be called a thriller ('m not clear on that, though), but it is very appropriate, the violence is practically nonexistant, and the main struggle is a phsycological one. A wonderful book all around, and maybe you'll even consider picking up one of her other books! I reccomend the Missing Series, or the Shadow Children books. Escape from Memory is another good stand-alone you might like if you like this one.
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