Dorothy Must Die, Book 1


Amy Gumm doesn't have many friends.  Living in the state of Kansas in a trailer park, she navigates through high school as best as she can, which includes taking care of herself when her mother's on a bender.  But that's all about to change...

A tornado blows into town and Amy's trailer is lifted out of Kansas and plunked down in the middle of Oz.  And when Amy opens the door, she doesn't even recognize the place.  Everything looks faded and dead.  The only thing vibrant is the yellow brick road, but it's not a road anyone travels on much's too dangerous.

Finally when finding friends, she discovers the true reason Oz is so faded and lifeless.  Dorothy's stealing as much magic as she can to feed her addiction to it.  Every life is in jeopardy, but how does Amy stop it?

With the help of the witches from almost all points on the compass, Amy goes into full-on magical battle training so she can face not only Dorothy, but the bloodthirsty lion and the mechanized and mutilated Tin Woodsmen (you'll have to read it to find out about the scarecrow. 
Urban fantasy meets classic fantasy with a twist that is both imaginative and unique. Danielle Paige takes the reader further into Oz and the horror that's happened from the flying monkeys to the munchkins.  

978-0062280671   464 pages  Ages 14 and up

Read alikes:  Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, Splintered by A.G. Howard

Recommended by: Naomi Bates, Libarian, Texas USA

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After Wizard of Oz (the movie) Amy Gumm is a high schooler and loves to the movie Wizard of Oz. After a fight with a popular girl she got the same treatment as Dorothy she fell right into Oz. As she goes into interesting adventurers and learns that Dorothy Must Die.
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