Don't Forget Winona

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Don't Forget Winona

In the 1930's Oklahoma was a Dust Bowl and struggling families had to pick up all their worldly possessions and strike out to begin their lives again. Told from a child's point of view this is the story of one determined family who sets off in their old truck through dust filled Oklahoma, across the hot desert of New Mexico and on to the promised land of California. There's a warmth that flows out of the illustrations as the family makes its way west and you feel the love that binds them together amid the hardship they are sharing. There is little water and little money. Yet, this family fixes each flat tire, takes care of its sick, and finds a way to cross the hot desert in the cool of the night. Through it all the bouncing Winona's joy motors from one new horizon to another and from one adventure to another until she suddenly takes ill. Determination and togetherness are the themes here but there is always a sense of hope and imminent possibility despite the many obstacles they meet. Ages 6-9 32 pages

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