Don't Bump the Glump and Other Fantasies


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Harper Collins reissued 2014 (originally 1964)

The next time you want to memorize a poem, grab this book and turn to any page.  Filled with short, nonsensical poems that will make you giggle and howl, this book will make any young reader love poetry.  

There is an underlying sense of fun in every poem whether it's the four liner about THE TRAP in which YOU are the bait or the six lines about the Galloping Griss who is on the loose.  Happily, the quirky illustrations offer the imaginary creatures up as the straight men against each poem.  They play their parts well.

My favorite is the OOPS poem in which we are trying to dodge the teeth of the Quick-Digesting Gink and end up "out on the street."  I'll let you figure it out.... and I expect a loud EWWWWWWWW!

On a boring, rainy day take this book off your shelf and read on.  Pure hilarity on every page.  Forty-five poems filled with imaginary creatures.  Who is your favorite?

978-0061493386   Ages   5-10   64 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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