Dog Days of School

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A wish come true!  It's not the first day of school but it is another day of school and Charlie is just worn out from all the trying.  He's tired of trying to practicing how to write all the letters, he's tired of drawing those doggone pictures and he's really "tired of trying to explain himself to the teacher."

When life has got you dog-tired, you know it's time to make a wish.  Charlie looks around his room and sees that lucky dog, Norman.  Norman has the life he of the lovely black spots, the comfy dog bed, and the do- what- you- want -to do everyday lifestyle.  Man, what if Charlie could have Norman's life?  So, Charlie looks out the window, finds the brightest star, and wishes to become a dog. Then, listening to the comforting sound of Norman snoring away, Charlie  promptly falls asleep safe and sound in his own comfy bed.

But when morning arrives, it's Norman who is lying in Charlie's bed and it's Charlie who has the dog bed.  In fact, Charlie wakes up scratching his ear with his right foot.  

Happy go lucky Norman gets ready for school, hops the bus and joins the kids at his table to practice his letters.  Charlie, back at home, looks out the window... for hours.

What follows is a back and forth look at the day Charlie and Norman are having. There is our friend Norman building a food pyramid out of bones while Charlie is at home getting a drink... out of the toilet. This should have the kids screaming in delighted agony....oooooh...gross... as Charlie licks his lips with satisfaction and toilet water drips all over the floor.

What is it like to live the life of a dog? What is it like to live the life of a boy?  Both can have a little fun, discover a bunch of trouble until just maybe it's time to make another wish.

Children will delight in watching Norman try out the life of a child.  Let's just see how he manages this series of challenges and adventures.  They'll love seeing Charlie try on life as a dog.  For the irreverent listeners and readers this will have enough mistakes and missteps, for the dog lovers, it's a wonderful exploration of the life of their beloved pet, for the mystics in the group, it's a satisfying journey into someone else's skin.  So fabulous to compare.

This would make a great read aloud on the first day of school to all those nervous, twitchy beginners who aren't sure exactly where they are and if this whole school things is going to work out for them.  Prepare to fall in love with Norman courtesy of Brian Biggs' fabulous rendering.  You'll want to take him home and keep him for yourself and Brian makes school look like a grand place where plenty of fun things are happening. Terrific energy!

978-0786854936   Ages  5-8   40 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

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