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Hyperion 2012

Hysterically funny and chortling great fun, this lively prom night romp delivers a great story, a plunky, snarky heroine, twisted teen antics, a band of dog nappers, a car crash, a couple of love triangles, a tattoo of Tinker Bell, a dog bite, and two gossipy world-wise women who help Justina sort it all out.

Justina knew it would be a GREAT night--she has a beautiful dress and she's going to prom with her best friend Ian. Tonight is THE night--she will kiss Ian and take their friendship to the next level. The universe is just not in her favor, however, and events take a horrible turn.

Justina wakes up the next morning in a ditch by the road, and she vaguely remembers a car's lights disappearing down the road. What happened between Ian picking her up and waking up? It's up to Justina and the ladies to sort out. First, that tattoo. Justina says, "Wait, I have a tattoo? Who let me get a tattoo? It's a Tinker Bell. Which could be cute if it weren't for the fact that she's a punk Tinker Bell. She's wearing combat boots, her wings are ripped, and her eyes are bloodshot. Great...Tinker Bell on a meth binge."

Then there's the time Justina gives the two Mikes and their dates a ride to get a burger. Mike and Mike are throwbacks to Bill and Ted (remember, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?) Mike and Mike have a long conversation, " 'Dude, It's In-N-Out..' 'Bro' 'Dude.' Mike sighed, "Fine." It was amazing what those two could quickly resolve with their bro/dude conversations. How much time this world wastes with excessive syllables."

Somehow, Justina gets ditched at the prom before THE KISS. Ditched! By her best friend! On the night of her life! She spends the rest of the night trying to find out what happened and why Ian ditched her. She ends up trying to correct the ring of dog nappings. When she drives Brian and Boner back to the scenes of the crimes, laughter ensues. After the boys drop the correct dogs off at the correct yards, they slam a beer. Justina explains, "Apparently, this was the other part of the tradition--slamming beers after each swap. They clearly needed a hobby. And some maturity. And a designated driver."

Ditched: A Love Story will have teens rolling in aisles with laughter. This would make a great teen movie! I say it's one of the funniest books of this year! Excellent teen dialog, this debut novel knocks it out of the park! I'm a Robin Mellom fan! Highly. highly recommended grades 9-up. Typical teen partying, teen drinking, no language, some talk of sex but no graphic details. PG movie type dialog. Mature readers grade 7 and up will have no trouble reading this one, but the teen partying makes it more suitable for high school.  288 pages  Ages 12 and up

Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Librarian, Texas USA

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