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  • Disney Chills Book 6 Once Upon a Scream

Disney Chills Book 6 Once Upon a Scream

once upon a scream vera strange

"I know you, that gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam..."

Dawn misses the big city. Torn away from her favorite place in the world and shipped off to live with her two cooky aunts in the countryside, Dawn is miserable in her new life. While her parents see this as a chance for her to be away from the bad influences that kept getting her into trouble, Dawn sees her new dumpy town of Castletown as a sticky and smelly prison with way too many bugs. But no one seems to care what Dawn wants, so she's stuck helping her aunts in their dusty antique shop and finishing the year out in a new school filled with mean girls.

One day while cleaning some of the junk in the shop, Dawn accidentally pricks her finger on a broken spinning wheel, awakening none other than Maleficent. In exchange for keeping the spinning wheel safe, Maleficent will make sure Dawn's remaining time in Moorsland is smooth sailing. But as kids from her class start coming down with a mysterious sleeping sickness, Dawn starts to realize there is more to this deal than she imagined. And it's going to take more than just a dream for Dawn to take on the Mistress of All Evil.

Grab your nightlight, dear reader, and prepare to be CHILL-ed!---from the publisher

256 pages                        978-1368075916                                       Ages 9-12

Keywords:  fantasy and magic, fairytale retelling, horror, scary, part of a series, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old

Also in the Disney Chills series: Part of Your Nightmare; Second Star to the Fright; Fiends on the Other Side

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