Dimwood Forest Chronicles Book 5 Ereth's Birthday

Dimwood Forest Chronicles  Book 5  Ereth's Birthday

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Harper Collins, 2000

This is one of my favorite Avi books. It's part of the Dimwood Chronicles which begin with the book Poppy. I have a hard time reading Poppy because my tender heart can't bear the thought that the owl is maliciously eating the mice that he is sworn to protect, but this story, about the porcupine, Ereth, wins my heart. Meet Ereth on his birthday. He heads over to Poppy's house where he just knows he will be celebrated ... but, oh no, no one is home. To console himself, Ereth waddles off to a saltlick he knows and loves. While there he discovers a mother fox, caught in a trap with no hope of escape. The mother fox asks Ereth to take care of her fox cubs. The very cantankerous old Ereth finally agrees. He follows the directions to the cave, finds the cubs, and some hilarity ensues. Just wonderful. 192 pages Ages 9-12

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