When Dimple Met Rishi


Ah...the satisfying sigh of a good book..with a romance.  A little chocolate ice cream and this book and you know you have arrived at perfection.

Let us begin.  Dimple, an Indian girl with a pushy mother, is heading to a summer program where her dream may come true.  Dimple has an idea for a great app. It's an app that will help people like her own father who have health issues.  She can barely believe it when her parents give her permission to go.

This is the summer after high school graduation and her mother has a few dreams of her own.  She is pushing for Dimple to meet the Ideal Indian Husband.  Dimple can't stand the idea.  She wants to live her own life and create her own place in the world not raise some guy's babies.

So, Dimple is totally blindsided when she meets Rishi at the program.  Rishi who announces, "Hello future wife. I can't wait to get started on the rest of our lives."  Dimple drowns him in her iced coffee.  Who is this guy?  Some kind of psycho?

Yes, my friends. The stage is set.  Told from two points of view, Dimple determined and annoyed she is stuck working with the psycho guy on her project.  Rishi, gentle and besmitten, working on a little project of his own.

This is the hilarious and romantic journey of their antagonism, their friendship and their chance at a great love.

Authentic, fun and guaranteed to make you smile and toss off a few good sighs of satisfaction.  Nice to see the romance sprinkled with Indian customs and language.  Thanks for inviting us in.

380 satisfying pages    978-1481478687  Ages 14 and up  (sex and language)

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