Didi Dodo Future Spy, Book 1: Recipe for Disaster


Every now and then when the planets are aligned just right, Tom Angleberger's brain goes into hyperdrive and conjures up a hilarious, whacky adventurous story about dodos.  Okay, okay, they aren't all about dodos.  But this one is.

Didi Dodo, future spy, just rolled into Koko Dodo's Cookie Shop looking for action.  Unfortunately, Didi Dodo was rolling a little bit too fast and she landed in the snickerdoodle cookie dough knocking over a bowl of fresh chocolate chips on her way.  She's arrived with a plan.  Koko Dodo's Super Secret Fudge Sauce recipe has been stolen and that means Koko can't make the cookies topped with the Secret Fudge Sauce to win the Queen's Royal Cookie Contest.

Never fear.  Didi has a plan.  So, a couple of dodos head out to see if they can get the recipe back or at least find the secret ingredient and win the contest.  Do you think anything will go wrong?  Do you think Koko will try to ice skate out of the cookie shop?  Do you think Countess Zuzu Poodle-oo's butler will help them?  No plan is too daring for a couple of dodos.

112 pages           978-1419733703            Ages 6-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


In this series opener, Koko Dodo the cookie chef has a big problem. Today is the day of the royal cookie contest, and someone has stolen his top-secret fudge sauce! Luckily, a spy enters the scene just in time (or rather, crashes in on her roller skates): Didi Dodo! This might be Didi’s first case ever, but she has a daring plan to help Koko.  Koko would prefer a safe, simple, sure-to-work plan, but without another option, he and the amateur sleuth take off on a wacky caper full of high-speed chases and big belly laughs that could only come from the mind of the inimitable Tom Angleberger. Each book in the series will focus on a food-related mystery.--from the publisher

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