Diamonds in the Shadow

Diamonds in the Shadow

The Finch family has decided to sponsor a family of refugees from Africa- well, at least Mr. and Mrs. Finch decided that. Their son, Jason, isn't so keen on the idea, because he has to give up his room. His sister, Mopsy, is delighted to have a new friend to play with, but none of them expect the danger they are bringing into their home. The Amabo parents don't seem at all interested in their two "children" and what's really in that box that they say contains the ashes of his dead grandparents? In the background is the ominous character, Victor, who was separated from the other refugees at the airport and has found himself in Texas, instead of with the Amabo family in Connecticut. Victor has 39 days to accomplish his mission, and his cold, sinister mind doesn't care what he has to do to make that happen.

mystery suspense older readers immigration Africa mature readers

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