Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic


Mom pushes through the bedroom door, her face full of concern.  "What is it Des? Are you sick?"

"I make gurgly noises.  I spit blood.  A large red stain spreads across my belly as a claw rips through my shirt and a slimy, multi-eyed, many-fanged creature breaks out of my stomach with a screech, its tentacles jiggling and blood spurting from the gaping hole!"

Mom is on to Desmond.  "Oh Desmond, are those the new pajamas I just bought you?"  

Not exactly what you would have expected a mom to say but this is Desmond Pucket we're talking about.  He is the king of the bloody, the monstrous, the dark.  He and his best friend Ricky are champions at scaring the kids at school to death.  So far Desmond and Ricky's best scare was at Desmond's big sister Rachel's sleepover.  The girls ran screaming and Rachel wants revenge.

Desmond draws, designs and creates all of his monster effects.  He's a pro.  But he's got a huge problem. His class is going to do a field trip to Crab Shell Pier and that means going on the Mountain Full of Monsters ride, a ride Desmond has never been tall enough to get on before.  He lives to go on that ride.

But the assistant principal, Mr. Needles, is going to make sure Desmond never gets on that ride.  Desmond is in big trouble for all of his pranks and Mr. Needles is giving him three chances to prove he has changed and won't ever scare again.

Desmond has to do extracurricular activities.  We're talking the A/V club and its tv news show, the school newspaper, and the drama club.  Will Desmond really change enough to claim a seat on the Mountain Full of Monsters ride?

This is a combination of bathroom humor, wacky drawings, and the creative mind of a ten year old boy who has access to fake blood and pyrotechnics.   Perfect for the Jokester/Thrillseeking/Party Animal in your world.

Editor's Note:  Some how-to's round out the fun.  Learn to make your own fake blood, make a dolly dessert, the perfect ghost and more.

223 pages   Ages  7-10  978-1449435486

Recommended by:  Barb,

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