Desert Elephants

Desert Elephants

What does your neighborhood look like? Suburbia with all of its chain stores and crowded roadways? Farm country with rows and rows of growing things and quiet, dusty roadways? Well, here is a different world for you to explore.

Welcome to Mali, a country in West Africa and meet its desert elephants who "follow the longest migration route of any elephant in the world." They share their desert world with the Dogon, Fulani and Tuareg peoples.

This is a description of intermingling of elephants and people in the 21st century. The elephants have lived and migrated here for thousands of years. The indigenous people respect the ways of the elephant and have learned to live alongside the mighty beasts.

Every year the water will dry up and the elephants will have to follow their 300 mile journey to find it somewhere else. Using their feet they will "hear" the rain or sense it and go through the "Elephant's Door" to find it so they can survive.

The illustrations in this book offer a doorway into this culture offering images of the people in their homes, their dress, and their ways.

Ages 7-11 978-0374317744

Recommended by: Barb

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