Desert Angel

Desert Angel

One morning 14-year-old Angel wakes up in her desert trailer house to find that her mother has disappeared and the trailer is empty. Scotty, her mother’s latest boyfriend has disappeared also. Looking around Angel realizes that Scotty is the reason her mother is gone. Where is he and will he come after her next? After finding the grave of her mother Angel is left to flee without water or weapon. When she stumbles upon a small community she finds people who want to help her but when they do they also become targets of Scotty. She is now faced with the reality that she may never survive on her own which means she needs to accept help from these people knowing they may die. Using all she knows about Scotty and his hunting skills she begins a story of survival that will never end until either she kills Scotty herself or he is found by the police.

236 pages.    ISBN:9780374317751        Ages 11-13 14+

Recommended by Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Idaho USA

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