Department Nineteen

Department Nineteen
Imagine that your father has killed himself and you have no idea why. Worse your
mother is kidnapped by a vampire and you find that the monster of Frankenstein is
a family protector. Such are the events that have taken place in Jamie’s life within a
short period of time and Jamie finds himself joining an elite secret military force that
seeks out and destroys vampires. While Jamie’s fear of vampires gives him pause, he
overcomes it in the quest to rescue his mother from the hands of Alexandru, a vampire
elder whose violence is legendary. With the help of specialized weapons and Larissa,
the young vampire girl held captive by Department Nineteen, they begin to scour the
Isles to find Jaime’s mother. Yet something bigger is set into motion as rumors of the
revival of Dracula are combined with the wide spread slaughter of humans by vampires.
Department Nineteen is now faced with bigger challenges and Jamie finds himself caught
in the midst. Will he be able to save his mother and foil Alexandru’s attempts to kill them
both? Or will he be forced to help combat a bigger problem that threatens mankind? Yet
in the back of his mind he can’t help but wonder about Larissa, her desire to help him,
and more importantly, a kiss that they shared.
Set in present day England, the story moves quickly between military operations and
personal conflicts between Jamie and the other characters. As a character, he will appeal
to boys who seek a modern day, realistic hero; a young man that overcomes great odds,
is instinctually skilled in military operations, and is very attracted to a young, beautiful
This fast action novel will appeal to boys who are looking for an edgy, military driven
vampire story where a young man is the powerful main character. The character’s
emotional distress and confusion is believable yet he rallies from each setback stronger
and more mature in thoughts, words, and deeds becoming what all young men desire to
be, a hero. 540 pages Ages 13 and up
Recommended by Christine J. Rayl, Librarian Texas

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