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  • Deep Betrayal (Lies Beneath, Book 2)

Deep Betrayal (Lies Beneath, Book 2)

Deep Betrayal  (Lies Beneath, Book 2)

Lily Hancock narrates the sequel to Lies Beneath.  This novel begins 30 days after she fell in love with Calder White, a merman born of a mermaid mother and human father.  Lily has discovered his identity. A local legend relates the story of a monster who lives in the lake and kills humans.  Her parents fear for her safety because dead bodies have been found near their lake home.  These murders have been discovered after Calder has been in the area so they have forbidden Lily to have any contact with him.

Lily’s father, Jason Hancock has spent his entire life in fear of the water.  He never learned to swim, but feels a powerful force calling.  The first time he goes into the lake he transforms into a merman. Lily’s mother has no idea what is happening or why her husband is gone.  In order to save her family and the love she feels for Calder, Lily joins him under water for longer and longer periods of time.  Lily is determined to prove that Calder and her father are innocent.

This is an unusual premise for a story and I cannot wait for the publication of the final book in the series.


350 pages Ages 13 and up 978-0385742030

Recommended by: Deborah Cohen, School Librarian, Jefferson Township HS, Oak Ridge, New Jersey USA

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