Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dear Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Random House Books for Young Readers, July 2010

Ahh the possibilities! Erin is about to turn six and is planning her birthday party. She sits down to send off an invitation to a REAL dinosaur whose museum is far, far away. In her invitation she lists the wondrous things they could do together at the party if only the dinosaur would rsvp with a dinosaur-sized yes and she kindly cautions this dino not to let the dog frighten him/her. Let your imagination run wild-Lisa McClatchy did-and imagine the enormous T Rex arriving at the front door. We're talking huge but we're talking endearing and playful. Not a harmful bone in his/her entire body. I mean you could use this T Rex as a slide, get help blowing out the candles on the cake, teach him/her duck, duck, goose and imagine playing Twister! The playful possibilities are endless and the feeling that something so big and looming and dangerous could be tamed into something so disarming and friendly certainly makes the world a place of great adventure and security. Now this is all in her imagination as she pens the invitation but as we turn to the last page, the astonished family is opening the door and the shadow of what is to come is reflected wearing a huge grin. It really could happen! Imagine it! 40 pages Ages 3-7

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