Dead Man in Indian Creek

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Dead Man in Indian Creek

A lot of kids like to camp out in their own backyard when the weather is warm enough. Parker and Matt "Armentrout" decide to go camp down near Indian Creek. In the morning they get up really early and go looking for the blue heron they've seen before. This time their binoculars reveal something different: a dead body in the creek water with its white hand waving at them. Adding to the mystery, on the bridge above their heads, they've just seen Evans, a man Parker wishes would get out of his life and leave his mother alone. How did the body get there? Why was Evans standing on that bridge so early in the morning?

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3.0  (1)
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1 Star—'It was OK.' 2 Stars—'I like it.' 3 Stars—'I LOVE it!'
This book is the best book for cliff hangers. This book it kept me on the edge of my seat, you never know what will happen next. So many twists and turns.
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