Dead Girls Don't Write Letters

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Dead Girls Don't Write Letters

Sunny, her long-troubled mother and hard-drinking father are deep in the throes of debilitating grief after older sister and daughter, Jazz, has died in a far-from-home apartment fire. Then, a letter arrives..... from Jazz! She soon returns home, apologizing for any unfortunate confusion, and looking and behaving just as always -- well, almost as always. Sunny begins to notice that, eerily, her sister is not quite "herself" but an impostor. Who really is "not-Jazz" (as Sunny now refers to her?) Why would anyone heap such unspeakable cruelty upon an already tormented family? The conclusion will have readers pleading with friends to read this book too -- just to discuss the likely varied interpretations of what exactly has occurred here. Haunting and a certain page-turner..... submitted by E. G. 128 pages Ages 13 and up

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