Day the Crayons Quit

Day the Crayons Quit

Teaching a unit on letter writing? Need an example of persuasive writing? Just want to have a good time? 

Ah the wonder of a box of crayons. Remember opening it up and smelling all those waxy colors and admiring all the sharp points and the beautiful array of possibilities? Magical. 

So, you can imagine the surprise of young Duncan who one day in class gets out his box of crayons...not new crayons mind you but old friend crayons...and finds a stack of letters with his name on the top of the pile. Letter number one is an angry diatribe from his red crayon who is sick and tired of being the crayon who has to wear himself out on those fire engines and Santas. This guy is overworked and needs a rest. The second letter is from his purple crayon. This neat freak is tired of being used to color outside the lines. He is about to lose it.
Each crayon has a grievance and states its case. 

The brilliantly playful Oliver Jeffers has returned to yesteryear, morphed into his childhood artist self, and delivered some awesome "childish" crayon pictures to support the case of each crayon plaintiff. It's fascinating to look at each picture and see the sure hand of the man working in tandem with his true sense of art from the hand and mind of a child. 

This is a wonderful read aloud for an art class or a language arts class. Humor and wit go hand in hand with the artistic genius of children.

Ages  4-9   978-0399255373

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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